Vietnamese Coffee Drinks

There are many types of coffee, include hot coffee, hot latte, iced coffee, iced latte, iced milk and black coffee and eggs coffee. Before discover the difference between Vietnamese Coffee and foreign coffee, in this Vietnamese Dessert Recipes, I will show you the benefits of coffee.
 Vietnamese Coffee Drinks
Firstly, Coffee has been known to stimulate the nervous excitement under the influence of caffeine. But has the effect of coffee is less well known. Example is sedative coffee. It has been shown that, if you go to sleep within 15 minutes after drinking coffee, you will have a deeper sleep, because of the better blood circulation in the brain.

 Vietnamese Coffee Drinks
In addition, Coffee stimulates people’s concentration and excitement.  You should drink coffee several times a day, each with a small sip, instead of drinking a cup of it to the morning. This is especially appropriate for those who have to work at night, so they will feel easier to stay up as well as get a higher concentration.
 Vietnamese Coffee Drinks
Now, these are some popular kinds of Coffee and their Vietnamese Dessert recipes:

Hot coffee

Put coffee beans into the coffee filter, packed coffee, and then boil water. Drip out coffee from under the coffee pot. With or without sugar, it depends on your interests. Filter is usually made of aluminum, but today due to the high demand of life, disease outbreaks, and aluminum filter was replaced by disposable paper filter using “handy coffee filter”
 Vietnamese Coffee Drinks

Hot latte

The bottom of the cups / mugs are available on condensed milk (more or less up to you), hot latte fell from the filter, stirring well. Traditionally, hot coffee and hot latte used to drink in the morning, before breakfast. Many people drink hot coffee / hot latte without breakfast.

Iced coffee

Like hot coffee, but brewed coffee specialty (many coffee powder), then add the ice, some like sugar, some do not, depending on your interest.

Iced latte

As hot latte, but very special (more coffee, many milk), then add ice, stir well.
 Vietnamese Coffee Drinks

Iced milk and black coffee

As coffee milk, but milk more and less coffee, suitable for women; may replace milk with fresh milk. There are two types, hot and iced milk and black coffee.

Eggs coffee 

there are two types:

+ Beat a raw egg into a cup of hot coffee, added sugar, with or without milk;

+ Beaten egg yolks into cream, the bottom have a small amount of black coffee.

Weasel coffee 

(or called Kopi Luwak in Indonesia): is a type of specialty coffee, a beverage is classified as rare in the world. It had been in Vietnam since the early 20th century and the loss of weasel which always eat coffee beans in Tay Nguyen province near extinction due to rampant hunting.

Take away coffee 

is fast coffee for busy people and often moving. Types of coffees do not sit to enjoy, people can carry out their drinks, and it’s very convenient in terms of time and space for everyone. Take away coffee is composed of many kinds of coffee from Vietnam to foreign Cappuccino coffee. Currently in the Vietnamese market, take away coffee is still relatively new and has not really been widely popular as foreign.

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